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The 5 Must-Read Articles for Digital Agencies This Week

July 5, 2018 by Agnes Talalaev

This week we want to highlight some of the articles and blog posts we have found really useful or interesting for digital agencies. The 5 must-read articles for digital agencies on the week 27 are following.

8 Ruling Web Design Trends For 2018

An article by Deepak Chauhan via Irish Tech News 

The amount of smartphone users browsing on the internet has surpassed the desktop users and that means, that web designers need to build the sites always thinking about smartphones first.

This year, 2018, is a year of transformative web design as designers embrace the reality of battling with technical challenges to give their users a satisfying experience in their web products with a top priority on mobile designs.

5 Must-Read Articles for Digital Agencies

So what are the 8 ruling trends for 2018?

  1. Like we already mentioned – mobile first.
  2. Creative, big and bold typography will be catching the eyes.
  3. Gradients are in and they should be big, loud and full of color palettes.
  4. Drop shadows with extra depth is the future of web design surpassing flat web designs.
  5. 2018 is also the year to experiment with color vibrancy by mixing together unique color palettes.
  6. Traditional grid designs may not have a place in designs this year, so try to build dynamic strong grids this year.
  7. Web designers in 2018 are turning to particle backgrounds to create fast loading web pages.
  8. Animations are the new picture in 2018 and they keep your visitors engaged.

Check out the link to find some examples for every trend: 8 Ruling Web Design Trends For 2018

Google Chrome update to label HTTP-only sites insecure within WEEKS

An article by John Leyden via The Register

The Google Chrome update, that will go live on 23 July will change the game for a lot of websites out there. Any web page not running HTTPS with a valid TLS certificate will show a “Not Secure” warning in the Chrome address bar. The warning will apply both to internet-facing websites and corporate/private intranet sites accessed through Chrome, which has about a 60 percent share of the browser market.

“The July update to Google Chrome is a significant milestone in the progress to ensuring the web is safer for all to use.”

Research from earlier this year by Ipsos found that the vast majority (87%) of internet users will not complete a transaction if they see a browser warning on a web page. More than half (58%) of respondents said they would go to a competitor’s website to complete their purchase.

Read the article here: Google Chrome update to label HTTP-only sites insecure within WEEKS

You can read more about why HTTPS is important here. 

Digital Transformation: Start With Security, or Else

Fortinet’s Patrick Grillo Talks Cloud Security Essentials for Digital Innovation by 

The 5 Must Read Articles for Digital Agencies This Week

In this article, Patrick Grillo, the senior director of solutions marketing at Fortinet talks about the basics of digital transformation, lessons learned from GE and Netflix and how the digital transformation model can be applied to other industries.

“..value-adding services, where they can generate additional revenue from. That’s an outstanding example of digital transformation.”

We are exactly on the same page with Grillo, believing that the digital transformations are all about value adding services, what can be used to get additional revenue. And what is hot today? Security is. As a digital agency who’s also focusing on security, I believe that kind of transformation is absolutely relevant and important today.

Read the article here: Patrick Grillo Talks Cloud Security Essentials for Digital Innovation

You can read more about how website security increases your revenue as digital agency here.

Using page speed in mobile search ranking

An article by Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Google announced that from the beginning of July 2018 web page loading speed will become an important part of SEO. Although the results won’t be as evident from the start, investing in faster web pages early on is a good way of preparing for the future.

We encourage developers to think broadly about how performance affects a user’s experience of their page and to consider a variety of user experience metrics.

Read the article here: Using page speed in mobile search ranking

Best web development tools of 2018

An article by Jonas DeMuro via TechRadar.

Web development in 2018 is done with lots of planning and collaboration between teams. There are plenty of web development tools to do the heavy lifting of planning, optimizing and coding a website. TechRadar has published an article about the best web development tools of 2018.

A quick overview or the tools mentioned in the article:

  1. Sketch – A toolkit for digital designs.
  2. InVision Cloud -The digital product design platform.
  3. Sublime Text 3 – The code editor to make advanced website design easier.
  4. Foundation 6 – A family of front-end frameworks.
  5. Chrome DevTools – The popular browser also facilitates web development.

Read the article here: Best web development tools of 2018

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