Who we are?

WebARX is a cybersecurity company providing web application security products and services for web developers. Since 2017, we’ve been on a mission to make the web a safer place. We are focused on the security of open-source dependencies and web development frameworks.

Our team is located in three countries, building the security platform trusted by over 4000 developers.

A global distributed team

We believe that every person is unique and so should be the environment where they can work on the things they love.

Whether you have a sick battle-station at home or travelling keeps you motivated and inspired – it’s really up to you.

Our team members are currently in two countries – Estonia and in the United States

We are all about people and their personal growth.

Focused on personal growth

While we do value skills and qualifications highly, it is equally important that potential employees share our core values.

We believe in personal development and continuous learning. We encourage our team to learn something new every day.

We aim to find the absolute right people to fit the company by looking for people who have the passion and excitement for web security.

We have a small but extremely passionate team to build WebARX with.

Currently open positions

Support Specialist

The main responsibility of the support specialist is to help WebARX customers and improve our customer support processes and maintain quality relationships with our customers.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

We are looking for a conversion rate optimization specialist, who is comfortable with tasks like copywriting, data analytics, digital analytics, and testing.

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Security Researcher

The main responsibility of the security researcher is to research, validate, and analyze new vulnerabilities. The security researcher also creates and makes use of internal tools to track, analyze, and monitor the latest attack campaigns and threats.

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Technical Content Creator

We are looking for content creators to become freelance writers for WebARX. We look for people who are independent, creative, and detail-oriented. We look for thinkers who have a passion for web development, WordPress, or website security.

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WebARX is compatible with the following platforms: