Years ago WebARX founders were running a digital agency - offering web development and web design services. Our background in security made our team to be security oriented from the day one. Because of the rising trend of website defacements and website hacking incidents, we took it very seriously. This gave us an unique value which our customers respect.

Investing more and more time on our unique value, we ended up with a tool, which allowed us to monitor all our clients' sites, protect them in an effective way and took away more than 10 hours a month of project managers time in scheduling maintenance for our customers.

Today our mission is to help others like us - digital agencies, web development agencies, and freelancers to keep their customers' sites protected and monitored at all times.



WebARX has been awarded as TOP 3 ICT startup in the Czech Republic and has been accelerated in London by the Europes first Cyber Security Accelerator Cylon.

Oliver Sild CEO of webarx website security

Oliver Sild CEO linkedin

Tauri Karson COO webarx website security

Tauri Kärson COO linkedin

website firewall webarx website security

Dave Jong CTO linkedin

Agnes Talalaev digital marketing webarx website security

Agnes Talalaev Head of Marketing linkedin

Luka Sicic security researcher webarx security

Luka Sikic Security Engineer linkedin

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