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How to grow your web agency in 2018?

Updated: December 9, 2019 by Agnes Talalaev

How to grow your web agency in 2018?

There are no quick wins or easy solutions as of on the way to growth. Despite this, you can be certain to meet one oracle after another telling you how to play the game better, if not the best. For anyone who says that they can take you to the moon, it is better to wish a good day and continue onwards. And, now there is the cybersecurity issue around all the time.

Suddenly the growth and business environment does not anymore depend only on the immediate regulative and social surroundings. Growth, but also threats, can come from anywhere. This can be challenging for companies that are stuck to the old settings, ready-made receipts, and quick easy wins. But, global cyberspace comes with a lot of potentials.

Business in the cyberspace is more diverse than anything before, space where the world meets and various preferences perhaps clash with each other as well. This dynamic can also generate a lot of new business and growth. After all, growth is all about the oscillation between success and failure, effort and rest, struggle and calmness.

Like cybersecurity, growth is not an island, but an issue of interconnectivity and participation to the phenomena around. Key issues for growth are the relations with customers, visions about how to serve them better and relationships with immediate professional peers and awareness of competitors as well.

Value-added cybersecurity services

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One way to look for growth for any web agency is to top up current product and service portfolio with additional services e.g. related to cybersecurity. Many customers might just want to purchase an online payment solution, ordering system, customer feedback solution or some other custom solution tailored to their business processes.

After the delivery of the project, they perhaps just vanish and leave cron jobs on to keep it up to date. This is perhaps not that good strategy security-wise and for sure, it does not generate much of growth for the web agency either.

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Consider adding additional and useful security-related services along with the basic products. Just, don’t call those “maintenance modules” – that is a bit boring! Still, cybersecurity depends on constant awareness and at times, also maintenance.

The key point here could be, for example, discuss with customers about what are their legal and regulatory requirements and how they have decided to deal with them.

Many might not even have realized that they would be considered liable in the case of a data breach or even hacking.

Not all customers also think that they have to take specific and proportionate measures to ensure that any personally identifiable information is protected and that all relevant laws and regulation regarding the handling of private information must be respected.

Some customers might want to push that responsibility to the web agency, and be surprised to know that they as data controllers are liable in the case the data they collect, use and which they have business-related to “control” is compromised, in some cases even if it was not used against anyone – mere speculation that it might have been used could be enough to trigger many privacy regulations in the cyberspace.

Now, this is a lot of work for many, and even if they had a lawyer in-house, they might not be competent or even aware of such regulative demands in the cyberspace. This could be a business opportunity for a web agency to offer customers and thus grow their business through new security services as side-orders for their casual web agency products.

Claiming authority as a security provider

New business growth occurs when there is a growing need in the clientele. And today, what is hot, is security. Look around, how many companies make huge profits by offering security solutions and services to the public.

You don’t need to look just for insurance markets, but users pay big sums for antivirus companies as well and align themselves with big well-known brands just because of the feeling of security it brings along.

One way to grow your web agency business, for sure, is to engage in various partnerships, user groups, and conferences. Showing there your professional attitude and knowledge about security for customers who purchase solutions from web agencies can push up and secure the positions for your business as the relevant security provider. This will generate new inbound client funnels – just be ready to provide the services when they come to buy!

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Cybersecurity takes a lot of competence and knowledge, experience at least. This could be your key selling argument for your customers. Many of them are running their business with low margins if not even practically swinging on the edge of survival.

This is your market potential – just be prepared to prove it and don’t give out any false promises. Go on and network with cybersecurity circles globally, do the footwork so that your customers won’t have to.

Then you can show them good professional attitude and advice like no other. And when you do good, they will trust you for sure. Cybersecurity is also much about risk management, so you might want to hire a few insurance professionals to e.g. shape up a product in joint co-operation with major insurance companies.

For some customers, it might become to be a surprise to realize, that cybersecurity is much more than just firewalls and passwords.

Analyze your competitors

Emerging business areas, like cybersecurity, means that you need to hire a private investigator or two. There are quite a few companies that sell private investigation services, surveillance, and intelligence gathering, but for the rest, even low-profile and careful research can be enough.

Check what the business environment around is doing, participate meetings and conferences. What is more, befriend with other web agency related businesses all over the world to let them know what you are doing. Just be careful to not to give them free what you have just built using your hard efforts and dedication. In any case, it is like espionage – everyone does it, but nobody says they do.

grow web agency webarx

In fact, good relations to competitors, at least on the level of rumors can, in fact, contribute to the growth of your business. One of the best sources for intelligence here is, of course, customers of your competitors, go and talk with them, find out details – details are the things that even most successful intelligence agencies are known about.



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