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Amount of Websites 10 50 200 Custom
Firewall Licenses
Managed Web Application Firewall updated automatically by WebARX
10 50 200 Custom
Web Application Firewall
Website Software Overview
Access to Firewall Logs
Access to Activity Logs
Website Monitoring
All websites are being actively monitored for uptime, software vulnerabilities, defacements, SSL issues and more.
Vulnerability Scanning
Defacement, Incident Monitoring
SSL Monitoring
Blacklist & Reputation Monitoring
Site Health Monitoring
Malvertising Monitoring
Uptime Monitoring
Threat Intel. (Hacker Chatter)
Malware Removal within 48 hours ($99) within 48 hours ($99) within 24 hours dedicated technician
Real Time Security Alerts E-mail + Integrations (Slack) E-mail + Integrations (Slack) E-mail + Integrations (Slack) E-mail + Integrations (Slack)
Support 24/7 (Phone, Live Chat)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add website protection to my websites?

When comparing previous years, we already see an increase of 32% of hacked websites. It doesn't even matter what is the company behind the website, if it's vulnerable and outdated, it will be constantly tested to break in.

Do you offer any partnerships for web agencies?

Yes, you will have an overview of each site security issues, configuration problems, content changes and protect them all with our web application firewall.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes we do, within 30 days of purchase.

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Are you available to talk every day?

Yes, we provide support year-round, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Just open the chat and start writing!


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