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Release of the Native PHP Firewall

Updated: March 20, 2020 by Oliver Sild

As per our public roadmap, we are releasing firewall support for generic PHP applications. PHP firewall was designed to work with all PHP-based web applications including, but not limited to Laravel, Symfony,  Joomla, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop.

2019 UPDATE: With WebARX new PHP firewall engine, you can now remotely create custom firewall rules and modules directly via WebARX dashboard and ship them to any PHP site within minutes.

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Activate firewall in less than 3 minutes.


All firewall options are now available to control from your portal account at single domain page including single IP or IP range block, whitelist of URLs, IPs and request parameters.

The only requirement for our firewall is version of PHP 5.3 or greater.

We support two types of installation which is composer and manual.

After installing or cloning repository, you need to include WebARX firewall in your project. File and function in which you inject WebARX kernel depends on the CMS or framework that you use. In most cases that’s index.php or configuration file.

The main concept behind PHP firewall is to intercept and check every request and deny access or automatically block IP for defined amount of time.

Complete installation guide, together with other documentation can be found at our BitBucket Wiki pages.

WebARX Product

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