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Team Management in WebARX

Updated: October 9, 2020 by Agnes Talalaev

WebARX is built for web development agencies and web developers. Since many of those are not working alone, but with a team, we released a feature – team management.

The feature will give teams an option to assign roles, permissions and access on a different level for each user under one leader account. All the team members are encouraged to create an individual account to access WebARX portal.

Enabling Team Management Feature

You can access to feature from your account in WebARX portal and you can find the team management tab on your left menu.

To enable the feature you need to click “Enable Team Account”. This will convert your account into a leader account with leader rights.

Enabling WebARX team management

Available Roles in Team Management


The leader role in WebARX team management will have full control of all users and sites of all users. There can exist only 1 leader.

Leader role would fit perfectly on a company manager who is responsible for billing.


The admin role in WebARX team management will have full control of all users and sites of all users. Unlike the leader, the admin cannot alter leaders or other admins.

The admin role would be fitting for CTO or lead developer.


The manager role in WebARX team management will have full control of all sites of all users, but cannot modify users.

The manager role would be great for the developers in your team.


The member role will allow giving access to some key customers. They have access to sites assigned to them, but they cannot modify users or delete sites.

Team Management webarx

In order to link a site to a user, click on their name and then on the site in the lists below.

Adding a User to the Team

In the video below, you can see how to add a user to a leader account.

  1. Click on +Add User
  2. Add the new users’ name, email and role
  3. Click Add User
Adding user to WebARX team management

After you have added a new user to the team, the new user will receive an email with a link to activate their account. The email should arrive in a few minutes.

Team Management webarx

To activate the account, the user should click the activation link sent by email.

Deleting a User From the Team

The management has been made super easy. To delete an add a new user you just need to scroll to Team Members list and click Delete on the right side.

To add and delete a team member you must have an admin or a leader role.

Deleting user from WebARX team management

Team Management is for PRO Plan Users

Whether you are a developer, an agency or manage your own websites with WebARX PRO, the team management is free for up to five users.

It means that the first 5 users (including yourself) are free. If you add more users you will automatically be charged $3.49 per user per month.

If you don’t have a WebARX account, you can try WebARX here (it has a 7-day free trial).

Now you are ready to start using team management!

Enable team management

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