WebARX Case Study – Jorcus: WebARX Has a Powerful Firewall

Updated: July 9, 2019 by Agnes Talalaev

A web developer and web security enthusiast Jorcus shares why he has chosen WebARX to protect his whole client portfolio.

Jorcus is a freelancer and digital nomad who travels around the world to enjoy life and work from wherever he wants. Currently, he is focusing on developing an online course about freelancing on web design and development.

He has a website for teaching JavaScript best practices and it’s targeting beginner web developers and helps them to write better code.

Jorcus protects more than 20 of his sites with WebARX.

Why is web security important to you?

Web security becomes more and more important these days. If the sites are not protected all your data can be gone in just a few seconds. It’s never too late to start with web security and you should always be prepared.

I think that prevention is always better than cure. If my websites are protected by good website security provider – I can say it will bring me a good night sleep.

– Jorcus
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Even when anything happens with my websites, I am still able to take a look at the LOGS to track back all the issues, it gives me an understanding of what happened. This will also give the opportunity to learn what happened and next time I know how to prevent the next security issue that might occur.

Web security is also important when talking about reputation. When your website is hacked it will be something your customers will see as very unprofessional. So it’s important to always keep your websites secure.

– Jorcus

What are the biggest issues you are solving with WebARX?

WebARX has been doing an amazing job with their managed web application firewall, while the WebARX portal still has some improvements needed to be made. For example, I would love to have some “FILTER” features (I have also talked about it with the team in their support chat).

The thing I like most about WebARX is its powerful firewall that automatically blocks all the malicious attacks.

– Jorcus

Why have you decided to choose WebARX over the competitors?

The team is professional and they constantly keep improving the product and service. From the eyes of a professional web designer, I can say that the team is putting an extremely big effort into web security comparing to others on the market.

– Jorcus
wordpress xss vulnerability

More than a year of using WebARX I have seen that the company keeps getting better and better.

I’d love to see WebARX becoming one of the world leading web security company. Keep it up!

– Jorcus

What would you recommend to other developers or agencies who want to make their sites more secure?

A website is your digital storefront, it’s something that represents your brand and your company. When a potential customer enters your site, they will not be looking at your product or pricing as a first thing, they will see if the site has been secured.

It’s especially important when it comes to e-commerce sites where you can make a purchase.

Securing your site is not only to keep your business data secure it’s also securing the customers and their money and data.

– Jorcus

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