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Protect your WordPress sites from plugin vulnerabilities.

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Manage security on all your WordPress sites via WebARX. Prevent attacks and malware infections.

  • Detect vulnerabilities in your WordPress site
  • Receive automatic virtual patches for vulnerabilities
  • Filter bot traffic, OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities and more
  • All your websites from a single, easy to use dashboard
  • Don’t sacrifice your website speed and performance

The right way to secure WordPress sites

Don’t put your money and reputation at risk with an unprotected website. Statistically, all sites are attacked automatically – every single day. You need professional and trustworthy security, that is easy to use but won’t require an enterprise budget.

Know All Your Weaknesses

Missing just a single vulnerability can quickly result in a hacked website. Trying to manually stay up to date can be an impossible job.

Fight Automated Attacks, With Automated Protection

It often takes just hours before bots try to abuse new vulnerabilities. One thing is to know if you have a vulnerability – other thing is to have it already patched.

One Security Dashboard For All Your Websites

What can be more time consuming than logging in to every site to check if everything is alright? Imagine having one dashboard and an extra saved hour for a coffee break.

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