February 2018 Website Hacking Statistics

March 9, 2018 11:03 am

Agnes Talalaev
Digital Communications

February has definitely been the month of crypto jacking and government hacks. Website hacking statistics show that there were over 5000 sites that were infected with cryptocurrency mining malware and thousands of Government websites were down because of that. Symantec Researchers also announced that ‘Crytojacking’ attacks had increased 1,200% in the UK.

Cryptojacking once involved the installation of cryptocurrency mining malware on users computers, but now it is more frequently used in-browser, by hacking a website and execute a malicious mining JavaScript as the user visits the compromised website, as with the case with the ‘BrowseAloud’ incident.

– IT Security Expert Blog

Our scanner that will also show if the site is hit by crypto-mining malware is getting more and more popular because of the latest events and we are glad that people care to double-check.

Website Hacking Statistics for February 2018

WebARX data shows that there was no big difference on which day hackers were most active, but there still was a small change between weekends and workdays. The biggest wave of hacks in February 2018 was on 27th, where hundreds of WordPress and Joomla sites were infected with ionCube Malware.

Website Hacking Statistics

When we dive into the data and talk about different countries the most targeted ones in February were the sites hosted in the United States with 18 729 hacks in total. Indonesia and South Africa follow with 4679 and 4441 websites. Our data has shown that the amount of .de sites have been decreased and we have detected 1268 attacks targeted to German websites in February 2018.

US sites: 18 729
ID sites: 4679
ZA sites: 4441
IN sites: 2227
SG sites: 2189
DE sites: 1268

Website Hacking Statistics

Statistically, nearly 90% of the sites were running on WordPress or Joomla. Websites listed in our data were either defaced, hosting known malware or were redirecting traffic to malicious third-party sites. As a reference, here’s a defacement that was discovered on over 1300 unique websites running on WordPress.

Website Hacking Statistics


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