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WordPress Off-Site Backups With WebARX

Updated: November 25, 2019 by Oliver Sild

We have been working on the backup functionality for quite some time to find an optimal way to allow digital agencies and web developers to keep their backups off-site with WebARX.

Keep in mind: WordPress off-site backups with WebARX is still in beta. It works on smaller sites.

There were two principles we followed:
1) Backups would be stored off-site
2) Only you will have access to the backups

We’re glad to release the first version of WordPress off-site backups within WebARX WordPress security plugin.

Keep your own backups, off-site!

It’s never a good idea to keep your backups on the site itself. Now you have the opportunity to keep off-site backups, but still, be the only one to access them. The first version allows you to connect the site with your Google Drive account and set the desired frequency of your automated backups.

off-site backups

Directly from the WebARX plugin, you can revert the site to an earlier version of a backup and choose if you want to revert just files, database or both.

15 Gigabytes for Free

As you know, by creating a Google account, you will receive 15 Gigabytes of free space in Google Drive. For small websites, that’s more than enough for off-site backups. If you have many websites and need more space, 100GB would cost you just 1,99$ per month.

off-site backups

After connecting your site with Google Drive, you will see a “WebARX Backups” folder where your website will be backed up.

off-site backups

How about multisite?

On the first release, multisite setups will be backed up as one.

What next?

In the upcoming months, we will continue to do research and hopefully, you can manage all the backups soon via WebARX portal.

Is your site already backed up?

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