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Top 5 WordPress Security Blogs to Learn About Web Security

Updated: December 8, 2020 by Agnes Talalaev

People usually get acquaintanced with website security when a website is experiencing an attack which results in being defaced, stuffed with SEO spam, being blacklisted or spreading malware.

One great way to make sure your WordPress site is safe and running is to learn how to implement security yourself. We have listed the top 5 WordPress security blogs for you to learn about web security, so you could always stay on top of everything that may need your attention.

WP Security Bloggers

WP Security Bloggers blog is a site where you can find news from more than twenty of the most popular WordPress security news sources and websites. The writer Robert Abela started with the project in 2014 with the aim to create a central source for all WordPress security news, lessons, and tips.

WordPress security blog
Screenshot from wpsecuritybloggers.com

Robert also manager WP White Security where you can read interviews, news, tips, and tutorials. Robert has a long experience in the IT & security industry and is focused on writing about WordPress.

We recommend reading about the importance of prevention in WordPress security and a guide for WordPress security. Both of the posts were listed on the WP Bloggers site. 

WP Security Bloggers post about 3 times a day.

Learn more from https://www.wpsecuritybloggers.com/blog/

Sucuri Blog

If you have been a developer or website owner for a long time, you probably have heard about Sucuri. Sucuri offers website monitoring, protection, and malware removal for WordPress sites.

WordPress security blog
Picture from sucuri.net

In addition to that Sucuri has an active blog, where you can read articles related to WordPress security and WordPress vulnerabilities. You can also learn about malware, the industry in general and find some best practices to secure your WordPress websites.

Sucuri publishes about 5 new posts per month.

We recommend reading the guide for WordPress security by Sucuri and the blog post about how to move your WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS.

Learn more from https://blog.sucuri.net/category/wordpress-security

WebARX Web Security Blog

WebARX is a new trending tool on the market for website security, monitoring, and site management. It is known to be an all-in-one tool since it is built to eliminate the need for multiple plugins to manage security. WebARX is built to work with any PHP application (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more.)

WebARX blog covers all the important parts of WordPress security. In WebARx WordPress security b you can find news about vulnerabilities, tips, tutorials, and how-to articles. You can find case studies and data-driven articles which work for more technical developers and for beginners. 

WordPress security blog
Picture from webarxsecurity.com

WebARX has also made the most comprehensive WordPress malware removal tutorial you can find on the web. It is a long article, but it has all the necessary steps to perform a fully manual WordPress malware removal.

WebARX publishes about 4 new posts per month.

We recommend reading the blog post on how to secure WordPress and learn about what is virtual patching.

WebARX also has a discount code that you can use to get 20% off from any plan for a year. To get the discount use the code getwebarx20off in the sign-up process.

Learn more from https://www.webarxsecurity.com/web-security-blog/

Wordfence Blog

WordFence is very popular in the WordPress community, mainly because it’s one of the most used WordPress security plugins on the market. Millions of WordPress site owners rely on Wordfence to protect their websites, customer data, and their investment.

WordFence WordPress security blog is a good resource for learning WordPress security and keeping your site updated. You can learn about web security, find news, tips, and tutorials. Wordfence is also always actively covering all the latest vulnerabilities of WordPress plugins.

Since March 2019, Wordfence has also been doing podcasts, so if you are into podcasts, we definitely recommend listening to WordFence podcast.

WordPress security blog
Picture from Wordfence podcast with Ryan Dewhurst

We recommend listening to episode 26 with Ryan Dewhurst. In this episode, Ryan and Mark from Wordfence talk about testing your own site, how hackers find vulnerabilities in WordPress sites, and much more. 

Learn more from https://www.wordfence.com/blog/

WordPress.org Blog

One site that we definitely shouldn’t leave out is wordpress.org. A good idea is to always keep an eye on the security category to make sure you are on top of all the latest security and maintenance releases and news. 

WordPress has many interesting topics to follow and read – some out of many are monthly updates about WordPress, people of WordPress and milestones or new releases.

Learn more from https://wordpress.org/news/

WP Shout WordPress Security Course

This one is not a website security blog per se, but it’s worth mentioning, especially when we are trying to bring out places where WordPress developers can learn WordPress and web security.  WP Shout is offering a WordPress security course, where you can learn how to write secure WordPress code and maintain the security of your sites. 

WordPress security blog
Screenshot from wpshout.com

There are a lot of questions that constantly arise when talking about WordPress security – questions like should I hide the login page or what is XSS, RCE or CSRF. The course will help you solve these problems so that you can learn how to write a secure WordPress code and maintain the security of your sites.

It’s a 9 module course that will help you learn about the security of WordPress sites, how to write secure code and know-how security is implemented on your WordPress sites.

Learn more: https://courses.wpshout.com/wordpress-security-with-confidence/


WordPress security is a process and in order to be good at it, it needs time and effort.
We hope you can find a WordPress security blog in this list that will help you to keep your WordPress site more secure, learn more about security and be always updated with the latest news and topics.

If that was not enough, there is also a great list of cybersecurity and web security blogs here.

Wordpress security

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